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Samaya Consulting is at the center of an influential network that includes some of the most successful women-led companies in the world.

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Over the past decade, the

growth in the number of women-owned firms

with $10 million or more in revenues

has increased by 56.6%,

a rate that far surpasses that of all women-owned firms, all million-dollar women-owned firms & all $10 million+ businesses.

Rate of growth

in the number of women- and minority-owned middle market enterprises is between

5 to 7 times

that of all middle market firms.

Among all middle market firms, revenue dropped by 2.2% between 2008 and 2014.

Conversely, firm revenues increased:


among women-owned firms


among women-owned or -led middle market firms


among minority-owned middle market firms

how will your brand harness it?

Women business leaders need committed brands to solve their pains and encourage lasting relationships with like-minded organizations.

That's where Samaya comes in

We are the dot connectors between your brand and influential women running high growth companies.

The women we work with are hand-selected entrepreneurs who own some of the most successful businesses in the world. Our clients are committed brands that are eager to engage with these leaders as insightful advisors who are looking for smart solutions to issues they face as they grow their businesses.

Samaya curates connections and conversations that support your priorities. We build strategic programs for brands by leveraging proprietary knowledge to develop meaningful content and working closely with our clients to ensure that content lasts beyond the initial point of contact. To ensure that the process is seamless, we work with your internal teams and external agencies to provide support for program preparation, communications, global events, public relations, logistics and production teams.

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